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Miad Group

Miad Group

Miad Food Group, with years of experience in the field of commerce, produces and distributes primary food products such as Tea, Rice, Sugar, and Tuna. In 1392, the company decided to redesign and reintegrate its brand identity. Therefore, Eshareh`s Brand team has been assigned with the task of studying and reviewing all the aspects of Miad brand identity.

Our Solutions:
In the first step, comprehensive research has been conducted in order to study the true values, mission, and the objectives of Miad Brand from the company`s perspective. After analyzing the performance of competitive brands in the field, the core concept of Miad Brand`s authenticity has been based upon the slogan of "stories of fragrance and taste". The chosen slogan is the bases of updating all the aspects of Miad Brand. In addition, based on the characteristic of Miad Brand and by inspiration of Iranian and Eastern tales, Logo, Slogan, and the touch points of Miad Brand has been designed.