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The launch of Samsung new flagship phones event

Samsung Electronics aimed to introduce its two latest flagships along with their global launch, in an event, hosting Samsung dealers, and the ones who pre-registered to buy these new products. The objective of holding this event was to introduce these two products in an effective and spectacular way.

Our Solutions:
Based on the client’s brief, and focusing on the innovative as the spirit of Samsung, the “innovation” was chosen to be the main concept of the event. Milad Tower (as the symbol of modern Tehran) was chosen as the venue of the event. The innovation as the core concept was perfectly applied on every element of the event; including branding material, invitation card, gifts, event execution, etc. So, there was a QR code printed on each invitation card. Once these codes were scanned, invitees were redirected to the event website, on which they could later see an announcement of something exciting to happen. In addition, the venue branding obeyed the same concept; a path called “Samsung innovation road” was designed and built by particular material taking the audience to Samsung innovation journey through its lifetime chronologically. There were also strong branding materials in interior designated areas. Unpacking newly launched products were done by Samsung team. Thereafter, guests enjoyed a live music performance by well-known music band, Dang Show. To enhance the audience experience, an online contest were hold at the end of the event, and five of the attendees were gifted with newly launched mobile phones. Besides all, a 300 square meter area was assigned to Experience Zone. Guests had the chance to experience the products and their features. Also, a part of this area were dedicated to some exciting games, designed based on the phones features. For instance, a dark room was built to give the chance of taking selfie in twilight by a Galaxy S6 edge+ to the audience. An illustrator was available to show off the power and accuracy of S pen. He drew many fun pictures of guests. There were other games which were played by the guests, and the winners were prized with gifts.