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Eigg Supermarket

Eigg Supermarket

Retail industry faces way too many challenges in the Iranian market. One of the most important ones being "the right relationship with customers". Eigg Supermarket Chain wanted to form a valuable bond with its customers through creating a tranquil, reliable and wholesome experience. The nature of chain supermarket makes the brand's customer range as diverse as possible –from youngest to oldest-. So Eigg's main challenge was to communicate these qualities in a way that it's appealing to this large target market, with a particular approach to environmentalism, seniors and children.

Our Solutions:
For this project, Eshareh Brand Solutions team got inspired by the quote "Design for the young and you exclude the old; design for the old and you include the young". Eigg's identity developed through looking at lifestyles and design elements in the 60's (which are the youth-years of now elderly customers). Green and blue colors was employed to convey the concepts of tranquility, health and reliability. Eigg's logo is designed to look like spring flowers, a symbol of vitality and constant development of the brand.